July 18, 2007

Iraq War Falters Still But Pull Out Is NOT The Answer

As I prepare this piece the buzz in the news is the "defection" taking place in the ranks of Republicans concerning the War in Iraq. The "blah, blah, blah" rhetoric in sum is that the "Iraqi government is not making measurable progress."

It is hard to argue with that assessment--admitted--but let me make the following observation. Iraq is a brand spanking new, unprecedented attempt at bringing democracy--a form of government that is antithetical to the country's religious roots and philosophy, to a middle eastern nation which has known only tyrannical rule and inhuman violence accompanying that rule. Iraq's military and police are substandard from most every vantage point not the least of which are numbers and equipment.

Okay, so we are told repeatedly that the "Iraqi government is not making measurable progress."

Now consider this: The most powerfully equipped and highly trained military force in the world which has a unity of purpose and unlimited resources has not been able to bring about what American's politicians and public is demanding of the Iraqi government.

Hello? Do you think maybe we have set our expectations a bit too high? Is there a new strategy needed in Iraq? In my opinion--certainly. What is that strategy? I have no idea what-so-ever. But I do believe I know what doesn't, what won't, what can't work and that is approaching the situation according to normal strategies of past wars against nations with defined borders, uniforms, and ideologies.

The starting point to the new strategy is first, adopting a view and language defining the view which is historically and theologically accurate. In other words, we must abandon the language of sensitivity and the facade of respect for an honest portrayal of what we are dealing with.

Right now, Lebanon is at war with Islamic jihadists, In Yemen, a suicide bomber attacked civilians, Sunnis are killing Shiites, Shiites are killing Sunnis, Britain is attacked, Scotland is attacked, Italy and Spain have been attacked, so how is it that this war is still portrayed as an American problem? The common denominator is not America, it is Islam. Hello?

How scurrilous, how scathing, what bigotry, right? And that is precisely why this war IS lost and will continue to be until the ugly truth trumps the batting eyes of the seductive assassin and a serpent wriggles away hissing with glee.

Late addition--FYI Maine Senator Olympia Snowe is spearheading Republican defection advocating quick pull out.

Also heard Newt Gingrich this morning say precisely what I wrote aboveā€¦


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