July 06, 2007

Remember Mr. Clinton's Quick Pardons

One thing many Democrats have is a very selective memory and a very warped sense of integrity.

Before I talk about Scooter Libby's commuted sentence by President Bush, allow me to refresh your memories about Bush's popular predecessor--William Jefferson Clinton.

Marc Rich, is a billionaire fugitive and a member of the illustrious FBI's most wanted list. Do you remember Marc Rich? Rich--who is filthy rich, is the largest tax evader in history and sold out America by illegally selling oil to the Iranians. Clinton pardoned him practically seconds away from leaving office. The fact that he contributed millions to the Clinton's political and personal adventures was irrelevant I am sure.

Remember Mel Reynolds? I do, I was living in Chicago, Reynold's home, when he was convicted of molesting a school girl which he described as hitting the Lotto! Clinton pardoned him as well.

One last one to mention (though there are so many others) is Carlos Vignali who was one of the largest cocaine dealers in the history. Vignali also was a big contributor to the party of hypocrites.

Now democrats are in an uproar, out raged, and incensed that Bush commuted Libby's sentence--he didn't pardon him like Clinton did with his "friends" which is removing guilt as well as removing the punishment.

When you look at Libby's "crime"--a sincere lapse in memory or perhaps he flat out lied--but either way they still pale in comparison. Add to this that President Bush has pardoned far fewer people than any president going back to President Kennedy and you have to simply marvel at the relentless vendetta the party of liberals has against this president.

If Scooter Libby was actually guilty of something other than some disputed statements regarding an inconsequential CIA analyst whose role in the CIA was public knowledge, I would be the first to decry bush's commutation of Libby's sentence.

But when you figure it is always the liberals who protest "hard time" for non-violent offenders, it is amazing how different their view has become when it is a Bush crony involved. Okay it's not really amazing--its par for the course and I am unimpressed.


Blogger Reddogg said...

Just an FYI...

George W. Bush - 76 Pardons, 4 Commutations
Bill Clinton - 146 Pardons, 38 Commutations
George H.W. Bush - 75 Pardons, 3 Commutations

Here's where I got my information from.

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