July 03, 2007

Independence Day Lamentation

The Declaration of Independence stated in no uncertain terms that we--the newly declared "Americans"--would no longer allow the imposition of an outside agency--namely Britain--over the affairs of day to day living.

A major impetus in the cause was the right to worship freely without impediment by governing authorities. Another major consideration propelling the colonists to take such a bold--some said fool hardy--step was the fact that a removed government was unilaterally deciding when and how much to tax American goods.

So, the war for independence basically came down to two issues; taxes and religion.

I know some argue that our current system of government is the best in the world yada, yada. But I would personally argue that while that is true, that does not mean that the status quo should be the rule ad infinitum. In other words, we can do better.

Those two issues are still central issues--and problematic ones at that--and we should not lose sight of our moorings to the way things "should be" as determined by the founding fathers.

Our taxes--while theoretically determined through a representative process is hardly representative in my opinion. The process itself, much less the issues, are so large, confusing and complicated, that no mere mortal having to invest a major portion of their lives earning a living can possibly invest the time necessary to stay well informed enough to truly give beneficial input. And government has become so tainted, that the will of the people is rarely carried out except in very broad pronouncements. The devil is in the details however.

As for freedom of religion; we have become a nation governed not by constitutional law but by judicial fiat. A nation priding itself on a genuine freedom of religion has become (or at least is steadily becoming) a nation free FROM religion. And this is to our detriment.

Can we again become the nation we were intended to be? I don't think it is likely but the Church, and the Christians who comprise the church, can and must become the people God intended us to be. And right now, the church and the world are indistinguishable.

On this Independence Day, we should thank God for the liberties that cost so many so much and then plead with God to help us become a people who are actually different. No greater honor could be given to the founders who had such a grand dream and a good beginning.


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