June 16, 2007

Old St. Olaf Is Turning Over In His Grave

It's not that I can rally be surprised anymore; maybe a better word is resigned to bizarre behavior. After all the Scriptures note repeatedly that to abandon God and His precepts is to invite confusion, lunacy and turmoil.

Enter St. Olaf College--a "Lutheran" school in Minnesota (I put--Lutheran--in quotes because it is Lutheran by heritage) which has appointed a new head of their department of religion.

Okay, call me nuts, but one might presume that a Lutheran College would appoint a Lutheran--at best and a Christian at least, as the director of the school's department of theology. But that only makes perfect sense, which in our day of apostasy at all levels and all places, must be abandoned.

So who is the new head of religion at this once Lutheran College? Anantanand Rambachan, who is a studied, life long Hindu. Prof. Rambachan shared his insights on numerous questions. The first pertained to the role of evangelization in religious expression. Here is what he said. "We gathered to share our perspectives on this matter and to consider acceptable and unacceptable ways of sharing our faiths in communities. "…we agreed that while everyone has a right to invite others to an understanding of their faith, no one has the right to violate others’ rights and religious sensibilities."

Now I certainly have no problem with his statement thus far however he concludes the discussion saying, "At the same time, all should heal themselves from the obsession of converting others."

Ah, now there's a rub! "Obsession" is a pejorative word and is no doubt a slam against Christians who happen to take seriously Jesus' command to "Go and make disciples..." Jesus--God--didn't suggest it as neat thing to do if one is so inclined. He commanded because there is salvation in NO ONE ELSE. His words not mine. (John 14:6)

"Why do you feel it’s important we have more interfaith dialogues?" The Interviewer asked.

The Professor replied-- "The need is theological because in the light of the ultimate mystery of God, all human understanding is incomplete and falls short. Other religious traditions can help enrich our faith and open our hearts and minds to the inexhaustible divine."

Great answer unfortunately it is fatally wrong. God's revelation of himself in the person of Christ is complete--which is why Christians are or at least should be vehement about trying to win others to the only truth that saves.


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