March 10, 2007

Update on Law to Eliminate Clergy Marriage

You might remember a week or so ago I informed you about a bad piece of legislation titled LD 779 "An Act To Remove Clergy As Signatories On Marriage Licenses."

After writing the sponsoring legislator he sent me an explanation of the reason for the bill. His explanation was more confusing than the bill itself but it seems the bill was done on behalf of Rev. Mark Rustin of the North Deering Congregational Church in Portland.

In my first commentary on this, I stated that I didn't want impugn motives but it seemed like it was an end run to remove the biggest impediment to civil unions, namely us! You know, Christians who still believe the Bible is more than a "good book;" it is the very word of God; inspired, infallible, inerrant, and authoritative.

Rep. Marley explains, "As Rev. Rustin noted, it's a relationship between two people under circumstances they accept as defined by God. However, the term "marriage" has been adopted to define the legal joining of two people's interests, property and rights under law. This adoption of the term notwithstanding, the two meanings need not be confused any longer by the same person being able to solemnize both the legal contract and the religious covenant."

Mike Hein of the Civic League notes, "Rev. Paul Nielsen, who leads the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Waterville, disagrees. 'I think that Rev. Rustin is at least a little bit confused about what his role in the marriage rite is from a civil perspective,' said Rev. Nielsen. 'Iā€™m not sure why the state would have any interest in disqualifying clergy as one of the qualified witnesses to a marriage.'ā€

Hein continues, "Pastor Nielsen explains, 'Currently the state of Maine only asks the clergy to sign the wedding certificate as indication that the wedding actually took place. I don't think that clergy are acting as agents for the state of Maine.ā€™ā€

After looking into the matter more, I found that the Rev. Rustin would not balk at performing a civil union for same sex individuals.

So like I said, this is just another attempt to remove the Christian influence in our culture inserting a godless humanism the crowning glory of which is homosexuality.


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