March 16, 2007

High School Indocrintation Exposed

Well it has happened again. What is "it?" "It" is the way the glorious social engineers of public education trample--usually with impunity--over the rights of students and parents in order to ram their agenda for a new world order down everyone's throats. While they are the first to scream, "Stop shoving your morality down our throats," they connive at doing the same. And not surprisingly, the center piece of the new world order is the acceptance, normalization, and encouragement of homosexuality.

Deerfield High School, in affluent suburban Chicago, implemented classes to indoctrinate its students into their world view where, perverted sex is a social virtue.

Students were forced to attend classes where they had to listen to homosexual upper classmen talk about their feelings, their experiences and what it's like to be homosexual. If that isn't bad enough, the students attending were then told they had to sign a statement of confidentiality forbidding them to talk to anyone about the classes including their parents. Students who were reluctant to sign the form were told that if they didn't they would be sent to the dean.

Dr. Sue Hebson, vice-superintendent of the school district, denied the existence of such a contract and denied that the classroom discussions involve sexuality. It appears that Hebson is lying through her teeth.

What I want everyone reading this to believe is that this is NOT some rare occurrence isolated to San Francisco or Atlanta or San Diego. There are over 3000 homosexual "clubs" in the nation's high schools.

Well over a decade ago, I was involved in Waterville public school's pilot program concerning AIDS education. Secrecy and confidentiality were part of the package in the guise of wanting to create an environment where the "kids would feel safe to talk about their sexuality." It was hogwash then, and it is hogwash now. In some schools around the country, teachers actually had two different copies of curriculum handy so that when a parent asked to see the curriculum, they were handed a parent friendly, sanitized copy rather than the one actually used.

The nation's schools of education pride themselves on the control they have over the minds of these kids and by it, the future of the country. Honestly, they have been winning hands down because parents are so busy pursuing the almighty dollar, that they have chosen to disbelieve it is as bad as it is being comforted by keeping their eyes tightly closed.

Well and good I say. You reap what you sow and the harvest is looking truly wretched.


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Yet one more from an ever-growing list of reasons to homeschool...

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