March 10, 2007

Polluted Politics Flush Quality Candidates

Well which soap opera, sleaze rag tabloid sensation are you going to follow this long and protracted campaign season? Between Hillary and Barak and Giuliani and the rest, we are in for well over a year of the sort of sewage already bubbling up to the surface of the sewer of politics.

New York City's 9-11 hero has tossed his hat into the ring and of course "it" has started. You know what "it" is. "It" is the covert, the salacious, the nasty, the private revelations that are made public by anyone and everyone with an axe to grind or a scab to pull. This week it's Rudy's college aged son Andrew taking the spot light on family dirt.

Andrew admits a strained relationship with his father but concedes they are both working on it. That's where the story should have stopped but that's not the way it's done in these United States.

Andrew insists he learned his values from his mother. That's an intentional jab at his father whose "values" are not only controversial but are the focus of his viability as a candidate. What's interesting is that about the only specific mentioned in the whole pseudo-story is that Giuliani "has increasingly chosen to spend time with third wife Judith Nathan rather than Andrew and daughter Caroline, 18."

Face it Giuliani has enough of his own baggage to overcome without somewhat meaningless axe grinding by his children. Giuliani is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and has appeared in public dressed in drag. What's really interesting is that right now, Giuliani is about the best the Republicans have to offer.

Andrew finished his comments by saying, "I have problems with my father, but it doesn't mean he won't make a great President." Well if you believed that Andrew why did you go shooting off your mouth to ABC's Good Morning America?

Sports fans, what is happening in this once great land of ours is that the bar of integrity and virtuous character is getting lowered every four years. I contend there is a reason for that even beyond the obvious that we are, as a people, lowering the bar of virtue all the way around. The recent trial of Scotter Libby is an example of what I mean but that's for my next commentary on Wednesday. Don't miss it!


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