March 14, 2007

Duke Discovers Diversity Education Isn't Working

I have a million dollar question today. What ever happened to the incessantly cited battle cry of the immoral left? You know the one; "You can't legislate morality!"

How many times have we heard it, or at least used to. I haven't heard it in a long, long time though. And do you know what I think happened to it? I think the liberal left realized not only that you CAN legislate morality but that you will legislate it if even if you intend not to. Requiring acceptance of immorality is to legislate morality--albeit a morality that is perverse from the historical norm.

I believe that at the end of the day, the overwhelming populace still knows it is not proper to fornicate; that it is still not proper for men to desire men and the same with women, and that it is definitely not proper for a person to have surgery to become the opposite of what God created them to be.

This is why in spite of Duke University's years long commitment to campus diversity, a recent panel discovered that diversity, while taught, does not exactly play itself out in the daily affairs of the student body. The school noted that although the school has homosexual friendly policies and mandates, the "lived experience of the gay and transgendered students is that of intolerance, exclusion and harassment, and students… remain as racially and ethnically homogeneous as they were during high school."

There are two issues here (at least). The first I already mentioned. Duke is trying to legislate its own morality but it's a morality which runs counter to the God instilled morality He has placed in us all.

The second issue is that the sinful nature of man is not naturally geared toward altruisms of virtue, equality, kindness and consideration. All the policies in the world will not change who and what we are. Only a relationship with the Living God can accomplish that.

Duke needs to strive for tolerance to be sure. Not tolerance of that which is counter intuitive and counter productive but tolerance of the virtues and values spelled out by God in His book, the Bible. As hearts are changed by God's grace, immorality will be shunned, and real compassion and love will be the rule.

As it is, Duke is headed for more of the same; politically correct policies that improve nothing, and attitudes that change even less.


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