March 10, 2007

The Scooter Throws a Wheel

Scooter Libby was found guilty on four out of five charges against him last week. Libby was accused of outing Valerie Plame--who, as the news likes to put it, was employed by the CIA. With the cloak of secrecy and mystery that accompanies any mention of those three letters, a willowy shadow falls on a situation which is actually a pretty benign news story.

First for some honesty on my part--I am conservatively biased; I cannot stand the liberal bias of just about every source of information readily accessible to modern man. Yes, there have been some great strides made over the past 15 years for people of moral conscience but that does not negate the reality that it is still difficult to get even proximity of the truth in the affairs of the world.

I also cannot stand the hypocrisy of the previous administration with respect to felonious and/or obscene conduct from the very top down. I'm not talking about allegations mind you; I am talking about the admitted and proven scandalous behavior and convictions of all kinds of Clinton aids as high ranking as Webb Hubbel and National Security Advisor Sandy Burger who walks free to this day with no repercussions at all.

Let us not forget that Mr. Clinton was barred from legal practice and only escaped the proper outcome of impeachment due to what I have already stated above.

So when an aid to a moral president--a moral president who is absolutely HATED because of that morality, goes down on what was not even the purpose of the investigation in the first place, I cannot get worked up about whatever it was he supposedly did or didn't remember about a person whose position with the CIA was public knowledge and of little more importance than a janitor at Langley.

Here's the real issue though. Evil and wicked people will stop at nothing--repeat that--NOTHING--in order to seize power or even the illusion of power. Good people on the other hand, will rightly observe that the price to pay for the opportunity to make a difference is not worth it. All of which means, it is the evil and wicked who will end up in the places of authority and power. God help us all.


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