September 14, 2006

The Path to Hypocrisy

ABC aired “The Path to 911” a miniseries based loosely on the 911 report and the leadership of the party of hypocrites is enraged. And why might that be? Simply, the 911 report puts the Clinton administration in particular and the Democrats in general in a bad light on issues of national security. But what of the charges that the movie is not accurate?

First, let me take you back not long ago to a movie called “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t recall the Republican Party having much to say about Michael Moore’s work of fiction and I certainly don’t remember the Republicans ever threatening the producers with legal action over Moore’s cinematographic attack on George Bush and the Republicans. If they had, can’t you imagine the wailing and protests of “censorship?”

Ah, but that is precisely what the Democrats did concerning what isn’t even touted as a documentary as Moore’s movie was.

The Democrats are so ripped about people learning who liberals are, Democrat leadership threatened ABC and Disney productions with pulling their broadcast license if they aired the film. Achtung! As it turns out, they did edit the film.

The report showed that Clinton had at least 8 opportunities to obtain Osama Bin Laden during his administration and that Democrats bungled or ignored numerous national security/terrorist issues throughout. And why was that? Well, one reason the movie depicts was the Pervert-in-Chief’s distractions over the Lewinsky affair.

He was too preoccupied with the removal of the stain from a dress than to address the removal of the stain from the Middle East.

So here you have one of our national political parties implementing—or at least attempting to “forcibly suppress opposition and criticism”—that’s called fascism—as opposed to the imagined fascist epithet liberals so enjoy throwing the President’s way when they have nothing factual to fling.

I am all for accuracy in these sorts of productions; blatant fabrications should have been addressed. What I resent is the tandem set of rules liberals insist upon; one for themselves and one for conservatives. They certainly weren’t complaining about Moore’s inaccuracies in his piece of tripe and I just can’t stomach such hypocrisy.


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