August 31, 2006

Who Needs Good News--Not Us Apparently

Focus is such a key element in the success of so many different areas of life. As an avid—but marginal—golfer, I know how completely different my game will go if I have all kinds of clutter dancing in my mind while I’m out on the course. Which is one reason I don’t own an electronic leash called a cell phone.

Nowhere is focus more important than in living well. We all know how defeating a day can be when we choose—yes it is a choice for the most part—to ruminate on, wallow in,
and soak in all the things that have gone, or are going wrong in the day.

And with the measure of communication being global and instant, proper focus is hard to come by. Take the storm Ernesto that we have been scared with over the past couple weeks.

With all the threat of what it could become, and where it might hit and what it might do, I honestly believe the moguls of the media were disappointed when it fizzled. How sick is that? Instead of celebrating that all the dire predictions—better--dire hopes, that the storm would become another blockbuster hurricane, there was almost a collective sigh of disappointment that there wasn’t going to be death and destruction. “Shucks, It’s only packing winds of 35 MPH.”

But even that wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of a global network that thrives on catastrophe and as of the writing of this, they were still hopeful—it seemed, that the storm could reenergize as it leaves Florida headed for the Carolinas. Did I imagine a “We hope, we hope…” under their breath.

For Pete’s sake, isn’t the fact that a big storm with the potential for another devastating blow to an already battered area, totally poofed into a normal summer rain something to report positively?

No wonder so many people in this country are so depressed. With an insatiable craving for heartache, we not only see the glass half empty but we’re certain it will be completely drained by sundown and the glass shattered into soul piercing shards! Oh woe is me.

Moses wrote, “…you shall rejoice in all the good which the LORD your God has given you and your household.” Deut. 26:11

We could stand a little practice in thankfulness I would say!


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