August 24, 2006

Episcopal Exodus Has Begun

I trust you’re aware of the continuing and years-long plunge of the Episcopal Church ever downward, closer and closer to the terrors of Hell. The liberal component of the Episcopal church bears little resemblance to the Episcopal Church of days long since gone where the Bible was studied and the Truths gleaned were taken seriously because they were, well, Biblical. The determinant of truth was the fact that it resided on the pages of God’s Word. Today the determinant of “truth” of the church’s liberals is what is socially, politically expedient or popular according to individual desire.

I predicted the fallout and the current Exodus that is in fact underway. The battles have begun over the right to the properties of the exiting congregations which could mount to 1000 churches.

The denomination argues that all properties are in trust and belong to the denomination. Some congregations have simply walked away from their buildings leaving the property and the mortgage to the Church but many others, insist they paid for the properties, maintain the properties and therefore are entitled to them. The courts, unfortunately are involved.

The Episcopal Church’s position for retaining ownership is weak. As stated, the denomination’s right to ownership only holds in a case where a church joins another faith or who has openly “renounced the doctrine, discipline and worship” of the denomination.

In reality, it is the conservative churches who are “leaving” because they wish to maintain the doctrine, discipline and worship of the Episcopal church, but like a battered wife who “leaves” her abusive husband, abandonment must be defined not by spatial movement but by virtuous truth.

In other words, it is the recalcitrant, controlling liberal, leadership of the Episcopal church that is guilty of abandonment—abandonment of Truth; abandonment of the Bible, abandonment of Episcopal roots.

I hope the conservative congregations are successful in keeping their properties but they will not be diminished if they do not.

As for the liberal leadership of the church, they have a lot more to worry about than who is left holding the keys. As Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”


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