August 24, 2006

Is Tiger Woods An Alien?

Just a few weeks ago, Tiger Woods won his 50th career win on the PGA Tour becoming only the seventh golfer in history to achieve that at all and Tiger did it by the age of 30. Woods has accomplished more on the golf course in this early stage of his career than the overwhelming majority of golfers combined, will achieve in their life times. But the 50 wins wasn’t really a milestone for one such as Woods, it was merely a place to pause for about 3 seconds, smile and then handily win the PGA Championship, his second “Major” in a row this year. (There are four “Majors” in a season when the very best of best golfers compete; they are the Master’s, the U.S. Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship. It is a major accomplishment for any PGA golfer to win even one of these in his lifetime!)

With that victory, Tiger now holds second place in Major titles (12 to date) second only to the legendary Jack Nicholas who chalked up an unbelievable 18 Major victories before he retired last year.

Since there are four “Major” tournaments each year and Tiger has another 20 years of play before he reaches the age for the Senior Tour,” no one can be serious to think he will not eclipse Nicholas’ record long before the arthritis starts to make its presence known.

Tiger Woods has done for golf what Michael Jordan did for basketball. I couldn’t care less about basketball but when Jordan was playing, I actually tuned in, watched and marveled at the superiority of one so talented that people rightly questioned his planet of origin. When Woods is playing, even people who think an Eagle and a Birdie are one and the same, find themselves shaking their head at what he is able to do with a crooked stick and little white ball.

But it is doubtful that neither golf nor basketball will be relevant issues when human history ends and the Kingdom of God begins. I sometimes wonder who the Tiger Woods or Michael Jordans of Christendom will be. I suppose Billy Graham would be a pretty good candidate but ironically, I think we will be shocked when in that day, the sons of God are revealed and our works “tested as though by fire.”

And what matters in the end is who the superstars of the Kingdom are; those sold out to Jesus, who have given up their love of golf or basketball, or fishing, or needlepoint or cycling, or even children, or grandchildren, indeed, who have given up their very own lives for the surpassing glory of knowing Jesus and living FOR HIM.

So here’s to all you “unknown” superstars; unknown to us perhaps, but well known to the One Who counts!

***The day I wrote this Tiger had begun another tournament. He was hot,. he was cold, he down right stunk at times and even hit his ball onto the roof of the clubhouse at the Firestone Course in Akron which required a half hour of PGA Tour commissioners to rule on the issue. On Saturday he bogeyed four holes in a row--unbelievably poor seemin gto totally negate my blog entry. But come Sunday, the last day of the tourney, Tiger Woods chalked up his 52nd Tour victory. I'm telling you--check his DNA!!!


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