August 31, 2006

Another Year of Public Mis-education

Our first of the year report comes from where else—California. The report from Focus on the Family tells us that Park Day School in Oakland, “has installed a gender-neutral bathroom and is encouraging boys to play girls and girls to play boys in skits. The staff has also hired a consultant who is well-known within the gay community to teach the school how to accommodate kids who may be questioning their gender.”
Officials at the school were unavailable for comment…
Now not the least of the problems is this. Children go through normal stages of developmental exploration and confusion. Making these childhood feelings and confusions normative making the child believe this is the way they will always feel not only misunderstands child development but is simply an inappropriate role for the school.
But since when does that matter anymore about anything?
I am not a knee jerk—bail out on the public schools kind of person. I worked within the schools all the while my children were in them. But as the years went on, the system became progressively worse to where there was and is outright deception even to the point of maintaining two curriculum; a sanitized version for the parents to see and the one that is really used. I know that every parent with a child in school swears that their child’s classroom situation is different. Yes, there are a few exceptions to the rule but the rule is now clearly established.
In my opinion, public education is a lost cause and you need to protect your children from the ravages of it.
If you care not that virtually every value and moral lesson of life that is important to you will either be slanted, warped or outright ridiculed, and that your child will not even be educated, then plow ahead. But don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.


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