May 11, 2006

Tyrannical Rulings Against People of Faith

I mentioned in my previous commentary that another would follow in the vein of tyrannical rulings which issue forth from a vendetta against people of faith. From the same PWB (May 5) comes another ruling that should be infuriating to anyone regardless of their world view, or faith position. The precedent of such a ruling is hideous.

Private business man Tim Bono—owner of Bono Film and Video –received a job request from a lesbian activist to reproduce some films for her—films which are for the purpose of promoting lesbianism. Bono, being a private business man operating in what used to be a system of “free enterprise” politely refused. Gay and Proud and Second Largest Minority was clearly against his policy of what kinds of jobs he would and would not accept.

In true homosexual activist fashion, Lillian Vincenz filed a complaint with the Arlington Human Rights Commission. The Commission concluded that “even though the film company tells customers ahead of time that it reserves the right to refuse to duplicate material that runs counter to the company's Christian and ethical values,” Bono was violating the county’s ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation and ordered him to complete the job.

Just as in my last commentary anyone with an IQ above gravy should be protesting this because such a ruling would be incumbent on everyone. Which means when the First Church of Arlington goes to the homosexual owned media company wanting them to make a thousand copies of their Sunday sermon CD telling the Biblical view of homosexual abomination, the company would also have to comply.

What happened to free enterprise? This is starting to sound like a nation of dictators or a totalitarian regime where the government runs everything and the people are subservient to the dictatorial despots. What is wrong with people today? Is this the great deception? Is this the setup for the persecution that Jesus warned about so sternly when He was here?

Stop and think Christian, for there to be a one world government, Christians are going to have to be “contained” for they would never stand for the types of principles that would be part and parcel of a world government. If this isn’t the set up for such a time, than I am without answers and without hope. But I know better because I know my Bible! Do you?


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