April 27, 2006

United Church Of Christ Ad Rejected--Deservedly So!

The United Church of Christ was in a controversy recently when one of their television ads was widely rejected by all the major networks. The ad titled, Ejector Seat shows a traditional church with people seated for worship. A mother of color, holding a baby that starts to cry, begins looking a little worried when, phewm! The mother and baby are shot right out of the pew. The scene continues with a pair of men, obviously gay, and then a middle-eastern looking man and then people start getting ejected one after another including a man with a walker.

Honestly, to my warped sense of humor, the ad is pretty creative but is obviously a shot at churches, such as mine, which have the audacity to actually hold to some Biblical standards of right of wrong.

What is patently offensive about ad is that it is flagrantly untrue. The UCC, known to be among the most liberal of the mainline churches, takes a kernel of truth--we do believe homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle choice—but then boldly lies implying that churches like ours forbid such people as homosexuals, crying babies, the elderly, and people of color from attending our church.

The UCC boasts that they accept everyone; so do we but the difference is, someone who is living contrary to God’s counsel for life will, sooner or later, come to know the Bible teaches that such choices are unhealthy, unwise, and ungodly. They also learn that we exist to help them learn God’s wisdom for life and why it is to their advantage to do so.

Would the all-affirming UCC tell the habitually drunken mother that her drunkenness is wonderful, wholesome, and holy? Would the UCC celebrate the father who just walked out on his wife and five children and help him in the cause of taking up new residence with his new found girl friend? Maybe they would, but God wouldn’t and neither would we. We care enough for people to tell them when they are about to run their car off a cliff instead of cheering them on like the United Church of Christ does.

All I can say, is thank God the UCC is among the numerous liberal congregations that are shrinking annually. May it continue to be so.


Blogger Dean McConnell said...

So true. And the UCC is probably very intolerant of theft and smoking at church too.

5:47 PM  

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