April 27, 2006

Howard Dean Puts Foot in Mouth Yet Again

Here’s a news flash that will no doubt surprise and astound. Howard Dean, Chair of the Democratic National Convention, has said something profoundly asinine once again.
Dean told the Christian Science Monitor that churches should either pay taxes or shut up when it comes to political issues. Don’t jump the gun there; the laws are quite clear with respect to what churches may and may not do or say when it comes to political issues.
What is stupid about Dean’s comments is his use of the words “political issues.”
The Bible is clear on many social and moral issues; issues which are either permitted or prohibited by laws, which were discussed, enacted or amended through a “political process.”
Meaning virtually everything in our lives is touched at some point by the long arm of politics. In Dean’s world, the church should be prohibited from saying anything about such things as, fairness, abortion, adultery, homosexuality; greed; lust; pedophilia, anger, business, finances, discrimination, caring for the poor, caring for the sick and ailing, marriage, divorce and on and on it goes. Otherwise the church should pay taxes like everyone else—oops, well not everyone else; there are plenty of churches and not-for-profit organizations that are politically involved—genuinely in violation of IRS tax law—who support the Democratic Party. (Can you say, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Al Gore at the Buddhist Temple)
I don’t think Dean really wants what he says; but then again, he would just ignore such a law and apply it only to churches that are still moral and Biblical.
Truth be told, Howard Dean is bigot and a Christophobe! He is just a hatemonger who wants all of us Christians to go back in the closet and never come out.
Well Howard, thank you for sharing your mind with us but there’s this little problem piece of paper called the Constitution which says Congress shall not restrict the free exercise of religion nor the freedom of speech. Maybe you’ve never read it, but in light of your position, you might give it a whirl. You must get tired of the taste of leather, eh?


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