May 04, 2006

Moussaoui Sentence Shows Failure of Our System

Zacarias Moussaoui has been spared the death sentence and that is an outrage! You can say what you want about our system of justice and trial by jury and how the jury has spoken and sing the praises of America’s trial system but at the end of the day, it failed.

Experts in prosecutorial law were even baffled by the sentence of life in prison rather than the penalty of death since he was convicted of crimes that were capital in nature. But even though the jury is screened concerning any possible ideological opposition to capital punishment, the fact is it only takes one person—one ideologue to lie in the screening process—and this is the result. Some believe this was nothing more than someone’s ideological opinion about the death penalty.
At his sentencing last Thursday Moussaoui, said “God save Osama bin Laden'' and, “We will come back another day.” It is that last statement that is the very reason God implemented the death sentence in the first place. It was an act of mercy toward civilized society to rid itself of uncivilized people who would “come back another day” and do capital harm to innocent people.
To make matters worse, France is already talking about trying to have the United States hand Moussaoui over to serve out his sentence there. (Remember this is the country that effectively fought against the United States every step of the way in bringing mass murderer Sadam Hussein to justice and cut secret deals with Iraq for oil.)
So now, the American people get to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars caring for this man for the rest of his life. It is God’s job to judge this murderer; it was our job to arrange the meeting and we failed.
Some have said, “But, he has been deprived of his martyrdom.” I am not impressed by such a consideration nor do I find any consolation in this. If he was given what “he wanted” it seems some tend to forget that as soon as he leaves this Earth, he will not be greeted by a harem, but by a holy God.
Sure, in the grand scheme of things, justice will be done; it’s just too bad in this case we have to wait.


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