April 27, 2006

Marital Status While Yet Unmarried? Ohio Court Stellar Still

Tony Perkins writing for the Pastor’s Weekly Briefing put out by Focus on the Family wrote in his March 31st column the following:
“An Ohio Appeals Court ruled Friday that the state's domestic violence law could not be enforced — because the state has adopted a Marriage Amendment. The Appeals Court said that a woman charged with beating up her live-in boyfriend could not be prosecuted because Ohio voters had denied marital status to non-marrieds.”
Okay in case you’re thinking you didn’t hear that right let me say it again in different words. Since the citizens of Ohio had adopted a marriage amendment which says that--marriage is when a man and a woman are married—a woman who assaulted her live-in play toy could not be prosecuted because the marriage amendment denied marital status to two people who were not married.
I have to tell you, I’m nearly rolling on this one. The thought processes--and I am being generous with the phrase “thought processes”--Liberals, resort to in order to get what they want are so obtuse these days that you have to laugh. But they’re serious which means it is no laughing matter.
Alas, Judge Mary Donovan, still with all her faculties dissented from the opinion criticizing the majority lame brain’s ruling that contended for some notion of a “quasi-marriage.” Donovan said that the suggestion is so absurd it has as much credibility as some idea of a quasi-pregnancy or a quasi-divorce.
What is interesting and totally out of character for the liberal half-wits who voted the way they did, is that they took up the side of the man throwing the woman to the rabid dogs of domestic violence; something you never hear of in normal situations.
But when the perverse and relentless ideologues of the homosexual lobby have any say, they will cast anyone to the pit if it means gaining a single spec of turf in their quest to normalize their willful, sinful conduct.
What a world, what a world, to quote the wicked witch of the West as she was melting away to nothingness. One day, for a people of faith, righteousness will be the rule of the day; until then, we will be tried more and more each day.


Blogger Dean McConnell said...

This ruling is probably an attempt at a political statement. Even though the special laws on marital violence may not apply, the normal laws against assault and battery obvioulsy would. There is no "girlfriend" priveldge to protect violent dates or lovers.

5:46 PM  

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