May 04, 2006

Prayer in Public School? No way!

There is another move a foot (or so it is rumored) to begin putting pressure on the public schools of our nation to reinstate prayer. If this is true—and I have reason to doubt that it is—this may surprise you but I am against it!

Look, let’s use our heads for a few seconds and think about both the history and the current culture within our schools. If prayer was somehow allowed could you imagine how utterly sanitized of any and every semblance of truth any allowable would be?

Or maybe it would be a prayer after the fashion of one of my old Army chaplains who, leading us in prayer afternoon began by saying, “Let us each pray to our own God in our way…”

Is that what Christians really want? I don’t! Jesus warned in Luke 17 about stumbling blocks; stumbling blocks is anyone who leads someone down a path that is not biblically true.

Any allowable prayer in our public schools would serve only to confuse even more our little ones with impressionable minds and worse, lead them astray giving them the idea that any spirituality, any deity, any expression of religion or faith is just as good as another. Obviously Jesus didn’t agree with such a ridiculous and deadly notion. That is why He pronounces a “Woe!” to any and all who lead someone astray even if well intentioned.

Let’s a get a grip. Prayer is not prohibited in schools now anyway. I prayed in school regularly and frequently and, old as I am, prayer was banned in my day as well. But the very nature of prayer cannot be contained by an external force or written law. Sure the public, audible prayers over an intercom can be prohibited but no one can stop your child or you from praying anywhere anytime.

Prayer in the public schools; not on your life-- They can’t even get the simple, straightforward, incontestable facts of biology, and history right, why would you want to have some administrators butcher the mysterious and holy? I wouldn’t!


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