July 09, 2005

Supreme's Rule Against Right to Private Property

Perhaps you have not heard of one of the atrocious rulings handed down by the United States Supreme Court in this last session. It pertained to what is known as eminent domain which gives the government the right to take a person’s private property—namely their house and/or land—against their will--with compensation which isn’t necessarily fair compensation.

This is nothing new but what was at issue was what constituted a government’s prerogative to exercise this power. In the past it was understood that it must be for the good of the public at large. This meant for example, that if the government wanted to put a highway in some town and it had to cut across private property, that the state had the right to take the property and compensate the owners whether they wanted to give it up or not. It was controversial enough the way it was, but the new ruling makes it even worse.

The Supreme Court ruled that the “public good” could now be construed to mean that if a city, for example, wanted to sell your property to some shopping mall developers because it would yield higher tax revenues than your house, in the name of eminent domain they can now do so. This is unconscionable and you could predictably guess which judges supported it.

But in a rare bi-partisan move to counter this obscene ruling, Congress is enacting a bill that would essentially curtail such abuse of power much in the way the Hyde amendment curtailed some of the impact of Roe vs. Wade by disallowing government funds to be spent on abortion even though the Supreme Court ruled it was a woman’s right to have one. Hyde said, Okay, but it isn’t the government’s obligation to pay for it. Thank
you Henry Hyde.

Well guess who is squawking about this latest legislation? Nancy Pelosi—the self-esteem challenged liberal is against this saying it essentially negates the Supreme’s ruling. That’s the whole point! It’s called check and balances but Pelosi doesn’t want it. She wants the Supreme Court to be the unelected, unchallenged authority of the land which again, is why you will see a political world war III when President Bush appoints a conservative judge to the high court.

Christian—this is one battle to pray about and if you know anything about Spiritual warfare, pray diligently against the forces of antichrist which as 1 John 4:3 says, are already among us.


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