July 09, 2005

London Bombed!

Thursday only hours after the citizens of Britain were ecstatic over the announcement that they had won the bid for hosting the Olympics their ecstasy came to a tragic halt as terrorists once again indiscriminately took great delight in doing the work of their father the Devil.

Over 700 are wounded, over 50 are dead and it doesn’t even seem this time we can find a sliver of solace in knowing that there are a couple less terrorists now. There is no evidence that the blasts were caused by homicide bombers.

Still, as the reports and press conferences continue I am dismayed by the kit glove handling of all references to the terrorists as the followers of Islam. Officials go way out of their way to make sure everyone hears that these officials don’t identify these followers of Muhammad with the other, peaceful followers of Muhammad. So much so that it almost eclipses the focus of the event. Somehow it seems we are branded as being inclined to painting with the same very broad-brush stroke as the terrorists themselves. Hey, “We’re the good guys here.”

The other element that is infuriating in these stories as they flood out of the liberally biased media is that we somehow deserve this. As my wife put it; “It reminds me of the days when people always viewed a claim to “rape” as being somehow deserved one way or another. Well, she dressed provocatively; She shouldn’t have been at that place; She shouldn’t have gone to that part of own; She always was a flirt…

We’ve grown past the days of such offensive and errant thinking but not when it comes to religious murderers. Well if only the U.S. would…Well, ya know Britain is a strong ally of the America; Well, we are imposing our ways on these people…

The dead and wounded from Italy to Iraq are innocent victims of demon-possessed murderers with a Satanic blood lust for horror and fear.

As President Bush and Tony Blair have said all along, the only way to deal with such people is to eliminate them from the world of the living. And so we must.

Christian, are you praying to that end? If we don’t end this under this administration I believe we will lose it all and London will be Boston, or Portland, or any other city in these United States.

We have no idea how blessed we have been


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to teach the Gospel, Mr. Preacher.

Peace be with you.

9:38 AM  
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