March 11, 2005

Schumer's pro-abortion politics shot down

Charles Schumer has been messing up a well-intended bankruptcy bill for years. Schumer, a Democrat from New York has been trying to put pro-life protesters who are fined by activist judges in the same category as financial dead beats who simply want to scam the system by declaring bankruptcy at whim.

At issue is a bill Senate Republicans are pushing for which would bring about the greatest bankruptcy reform in decades. It would prevent irresponsible or dishonest people from skipping out of their financial obligations by declaring bankruptcy which is way too easy these days. That’s a real good idea. But Schumer, a typical liberal with low ideals, has wanted to make the same law apply to peaceful pro-life protesters who have been fined into oblivion by abortion loving judges.

But Schumer’s bill was defeated last week clearing the way for the Republican, good sense bill to make it through the Senate. See, if you ever wondered how much it mattered if you voted; see it does!

But here is what makes me seethe with liberals who have no integrity. Schumer, in his bombast, incessantly referred to violent anti-abortion protesters who need to be fined and shouldn’t be allowed to escape with such an easy way out.

Well, Schumer is a dishonest idiot who is merely an advocate for killing babies. And after all, someone who doesn’t have a problem with killing babies surely wouldn’t hesitate at a little lying now and again would they?

But I was one of those so-called violent protesters Schumer wants to hammer. And what did my violence look like? Kneeling or laying on the pavement, praying in quiet. When arrested, there was not a word uttered, nor a hand raised. That’s what Schumer calls violence. When you think of what happens in one of those abortion mills and you hear Schumer decrying the peaceful protest of Americans merely trying to save babies, you have to wonder what genetic fiber liberals are made from. But, happy days, thanks to conservatives with a conscience, having the majority, Schumer’s bill is dead.
Remember that the next time you think voting doesn’t do any good.


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