March 11, 2005


Well here’s something you’ll never hear on the regular, secular media; a retraction and an admission that I got it wrong!
Let me refresh your memory; a few weeks back a New Jersey family was savagely murdered. Hossam Armanious, his wife, and two children were found bound and gagged with their throats slit.
Investigators said there was nothing to point them to a religiously motivated attack on this Christian family who were very aggressive in their evangelism of Muslims. Additionally, a local Imam also declared the family’s blood “Halal” meaning anyone who shed their blood would receive special favor from Allah. This same Imam even named a suspect who fled the country. In light of it, Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio was accused of being politically correct not wanting to rile members of the Muslim community.
I asked in a previous commentary why this was being left in the hands of local yokels and not turned over to the feds in light of homeland security concerns and joined the cacophony of critics excoriating the authorities for shirking their duties to protect and serve rather than risk offending.
I was WRONG! As it turns out the police—those local yokels arrested two men whose motivation looked pretty convincingly that they were robbing the Armanious’ home and the plan went awry. Since the family had seen the men they had to be killed.
Certainly a tragedy but a bit of relief to those Christians who have converted from Islam that there isn’t some homegrown hit squad out there ready to execute Sharia law and murder anyone who converts from Islam.
I’m sorry I got it wrong. Jesus said in John 7:24; "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." While I feel bad about the misstep, I am certain it won’t be the last time. In what I do, one has to make judgment calls with the best information one has be it ever so incomplete. Thankfully, God does not judge so haphazardly. And when He does, it is with mercy and grace. Thank you our Father who art in heaven.


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