January 19, 2005

Michael Newdow--Poster Boy For The "ME" Generation

Michael Newdow—there’s a name you can learn to forget. He’s the atheist/physician who sued to have the Under God removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and failed and has just, in the last few days, taken up valuable judicial resources for his bent to get his 15 minutes of fame suing to have prayers banned at the President’s inauguration.

Newdow, representing himself wrote in the third person stating,
"As an atheist, he cannot in good conscience attend an exercise where his government forces him to endure religious dogma he finds highly disagreeable," "Newdow's rights of religious freedom should be protected."

Maybe I missed something but what has the government “forced” him to endure? Has the American Faith Gestapo brought Newdow at gunpoint to the inauguration forcing him to listen to the prayers. Let’s see, what do we hear all the time about offensive language and visuals? “If it bothers you, don’t watch it.”

Ah, but Chief Justice William Rehnquist very appropriately rejected this miscreants lawsuit.
Newdow insisted on Rehnquist's recusal, saying the chief justice would feel "awkward" at the ceremony if he ruled in Newdow's favor. He also said he would drop his plans to attend the inauguration if forced to confront the prayers by two Christian ministers.

Oh now that’s a pity. Can you believe this guy’s sense of importance? Stop the presses, we can’t go on; not if Michael Newdow doesn’t come. Who does this guy think he is? He has got to be poster boy of the “ME” generation conflicted with an over-inflated sense of self having received too many ribbons and trophies during his growing up years. Another fine product of the “time-out” chair no doubt.

Even after Rehnquist rejected his case Justice John Paul Stevens also heard Newdow’s complaint and likewise refused to stop the prayers. Rehnquist’s decision was expected; Stevens’ was a nice surprise.

“Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of discipline will remove it far from him, Solomon wrote. Does that apply to spoiled brats trapped in adult bodies? I’m willing to give it a try!


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