January 26, 2005

Why They Cant Stand This President

A true leader, a real leader, the consummate leader knows that if you’re going to be a leader, you cannot “win” and you don’t expect to. So you make decisions, and you lead without respect to accolades, atta boys and kudos from the ones who are always in the know, always have the better way, and are always certain they know what’s best.
Never the less, I don’t how much longer I can endure the duplicitous and despicable criticisms from those on the left with respect to the values and vision of President George W. Bush.
By now, you’re familiar with the essence, if not the very words of his inaugural speech. Before the waves of sound had even traced beyond the stratosphere, liberals were already railing against the President’s speech.
Newsweek wrote, “ It was a speech written for the ages, and it will live in history as a powerful affirmation of American ideas and ideals. George W. Bush’s second Inaugural Address was the culmination, in style and substance, of a position he has been veering toward ever since September 11, 2001: that the purpose of American foreign policy must be the expansion of liberty. It is not a new theme for an American president. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan all spoke in similar tones and terms. Bush, however, has brought to the cause the passion of the convert. In short declarative sentences, influenced by the King James Bible and by his most eloquent predecessors, Bush used virtually his entire speech to set out the distinctively American world view: that “the best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.”
What his critics can’t deal with is that this president believes what he says. It’s not just rousing rhetoric but they know by now that if it’s possible, he will do what he believes even if it costs him public or political handshakes and this unnerves pragmatic politicians who walk only to run another day.
What has followed in virtually every sector of so-called mainstream punditry is an incessant haranguing touting Bush as arrogant, a dreamer, a warmonger, naïve, or their favorite vituperative—he’s just plain stupid.The liberal breathes to resist the decrepit virtues of goodness, greatness and especially godliness and hypocrisy is their hallmark. If Bush had understated his dreams in his speech, I assure you he would have been branded lifeless, without vision, and a lackluster leader. But none of this influences this President, which is why he is despised more than any other. With ridicule and opinion ineffective to sway, his critics have NO control and that is their undoing.


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