January 13, 2005

Abortion Exacerbates Social Security Crisis

I saw an ad on television the other day about social security. With one of President Bush’s top priorities being a partial privatization of social security, the fear mongers and nay-sayers are sowing fear and discontent.

First of all, social security was supposed to be a temporary arrangement but as we all know, once the federal government gets it’s hands into something, it’s permanent and there will be an exponential increase in the cost of producing what ever it is you are trying to produce than any other way of producing it.

Another truth of life is that when it comes to the federal government your money is not your money. President Bush wants to make some inroads into allowing Americans to have more say with what happens to the money taken out of their check each week being put aside—in theory—for retirement. President Bush wants Americans to be able to have a small portion of their own money to invest in accounts that will net them possibly 4 or 5 times the yield as social security yields currently. What could be so despicable about that?

Well, if you’re Ted Kennedy or his ilk, money is power, and if you control every American’s retirement fund, you have much more control of them. That’s not some kind of conspiracy theory, that’s basic analysis of the liberal mindset. They know what’s best for us, they are all wise and all knowing, and they want to be our guardians and nannies.

Still we have to deal with reality and here it is. In 1950 there were about 16 people in the work force kicking into the social security fund for every person who was retired. The fund was healthy relatively speaking. Now there are only 2 workers kicking into that fund for every retiree out there. Social Security cannot go on that way. While there are numerous factors that changed, one you never hear about is that fact that the raw work force is smaller--due to abortion! How much smaller?

Well, if you start at 1973 when abortion was declared a right by the Supreme Court, there are 40 million less current and future workers in the United States today. That would be roughly 20 million workers who would have been contributing to social security today and another 20 million who would come of age and enter the workforce contributing to the fund. But now the workers and their money--is gone.
God will not be mocked. That which you sow…well never mind.


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