October 14, 2004

Is John Kerry a Pharisee?

Well, the last of three debates is over. John Kerry had some interesting things to say—if you’re a casual listener. If you’re a careful listener, you have to put his words against the backdrop of his track record; if you do that, what you have is just noise.

As a Christian, I am particularly interested in the faith of the candidates. Now I don’t demand that a candidate be a Christian per se; we’ve had several of those in office in the past and I have to say, I was not impressed. But what I do demand is that a candidate be a person of integrity, so if they say they are a Christian, I expect there to be evidence of that.
What constitutes evidence? Among other things, I expect the values of the person to reflect the values of God. When you look at them in brief, I see that one candidate is pro-abortion; pro-homosexuality; pro-killing babies for research; pro-stealing from the rich and hard working to give to the poor and unwilling to work; and whose “yes” often means “no” and whose “no” often means “yes.”

When I try to square Senator Kerry’s values with those of the heart and mind of God, there’s only words that pay lip service to some religious forms.

As the leader of a 501-C3 organization, I am not allowed to officially endorse a candidate; as an American citizen, I am. But there’s no need. If my Christian faith is supposed to impact my entire life, then the teachings of Scripture must carry through to the way I vote. If they do not, I am a hypocrite, just like the Pharisees of old. And of all the people Jesus came in contact with, it was the Pharisees that Jesus had the least patience with, the least time for, the least in the way of anything good to say.

So it is sufficient to say that I will be voting for the man who best reflects—by lifestyle and choices--the character and attributes of Christ—not perfectly to be sure, but definitely. Anyone can say what they want, but like John Kerry said himself, last Wednesday; “Faith without works is dead.” and from what I can tell, the senator’s faith is on life support and the prognosis is not good.


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