August 28, 2010

Prosperity Always, Everyday...?

I was having a pity party this week and then I took my prayer loop (where I drive in my car praying primarily for my family) Friday morning and had a little sit down with the Lord. The focus of my party--this time--was my consternation over God’s promises about rebuking the devourer in Malachi 3:10 to those who are faithful to bring forth His tithes and offerings unto Him. We have lived by that promise and seen God’s faithfulness to that promise throughout our lives.

Lately, we seem to be having a spate of rather crummy—if not expensive “luck.” From vehicles, to computers and refrigerators, to grape vines, to our dog, to our house falling down, I was inquiring about His promise. O.K. I was complaining basically that I was getting the shaft!

It “occurred to me” that perhaps if God allowed me to peer into the unseen realm I would see the myriad of “devourers” that God HAS indeed rebuked—that never touched us—but that we are unaware of them precisely because they never touched us. Hmm… Faith is believing God even when circumstances seem to contradict what we know about God. Okay Lord, I hear you…this time. Prosperity doesn't guarantee that we will be sheltered from the result of living in a fallen world. Cf. Asaph's complaint in Psalm 73


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