August 18, 2010

Truth devoid of context is, well misleading at best

I wonder if pastor Osteen can see a single verse of Scripture through a Biblical grid rather than a prosperity grid.

Here is his thought for the day--

Today's Verse: "From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another" (John 1:16, NIV).

Today's Word: God wants to pour out His blessing and favor upon you each and every day. It says in the Psalms that He daily loads us with benefits! So many people miss out on all that God has for them because they are weighted down by guilt and condemnation. But notice what today's verse tells us about where His blessings come from—the fullness of His grace.

God's grace is His unmerited favor. If this is true how do we understand Jesus who was full of "grace" and truth--John 1:14?

Osteen continues--

That means we can't earn it. We can't work for it, and we can't change His mind about it. He pours out His blessing on us not because of what we do, but because of who He is. His blessings are based on His goodness, not ours.

Today, receive His grace. Receive His forgiveness. Let go of guilt and condemnation. Open your heart and mind to what God wants to do in your life and get ready because He is pouring out His goodness upon you with one blessing after another!

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I choose to receive Your grace today which is Your supernatural empowerment. I release guilt and condemnation and receive Your love and forgiveness. Search my heart, O God. Renew me and cleanse me by Your Word. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Okay there is plenty of "truth" in what he writes but he is a master of avoiding context. So when he speaks of "supernatural empowerment" he means empowerment to "prosper;" empowerment to "get it all now;" empowerment to do what YOU want to do with God's blessing. That is not the experience of Jesus' followers in the pages of Scripture, the pages of history, nor the experience of Jesus' followers in third world countries. Think about it...


Blogger Ruth said...

The "name it claim it" part of my extended family were commenting on my elderly parents failing health. One niece said that God would give them an easy death because they were faithful followers. I disagreed and said that there were no guarantees. I was told I was wrong. I said the apostles were faithful followers of Christ and look at their deaths. Most were torturous. My Dad died in August after 5 years of misery. My Mom is experiencing dementia and heart failure and I care for her every day. She is a blessing, but she wants to be with Dad after 73 years together. There are some things worse than death.

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