July 14, 2010

God As Vending Machine

In my forth coming book--The Proper Pursuit of Prosperity--it take a thoughtful, and biblical analysis of the prosperity gospel of guys like Don Stewart, Andrew Jenkins, and of course Joel Osteen. The God these men pitch are a god of their making. No wonder their god is popular. He appeals to the self-absorbed, All American-ME-ME-ME that pervades every fiber of our culture and church. On page 41 of Osteen's best selling, Your Best Life Now, he writes, "Perhaps you're searching for a parking spot in a crowded lot. Say. 'Father, I think you for leading me and guiding me. Your favor will cause me to get a good spot.'"

True confessions--I pray for a parking spot when I am in such situations regularly. "Have no anxieties about ANYTHING..." Paul instructs us in Philippians 4:6 re: prayer. BUT--such a prayer should be offered in the spirit of, "Not MY will, but thine be done..." Lord YOU know what I need; you also know what someone else needs who may have physical reason to have a "good" spot. So Lord YOU decide what is best!

Osteen's pursuit of prosperity is presumptuous at best--arrogant and sinful at worst. That's why I have written about the PROPER pursuit of prosperity...



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