July 22, 2010

Name it, Claim it?

"The third step you must take if you want to live at your full potential is to discover the power of your thoughts and words." Joel Osteen Your Best Life Now pg 101

Robert Schuller called it "Possibility Thinking," Norman Vincent Peale--Positive Thinking and a myriad of iterations by others of the name it claim it ilk followed.

Being raised in the cultic religion of Christian Science, I know well the power of "right thinking," according to Mary Baker Eddy the founder of C.S. Through it, I could heal myself, rid myself of pain, conquer discouragement, or bring misfortune on someone else.

From Franz Mesmer, to Shirley McClain, the power of the mind has been profitably marketed by hundreds of charlatans. Only present day "prosperity preachers" have moved into the realm of respectable "Christian" theology. It is anything but, as I clearly explicate in The Proper Pursuit of Prosperity!


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