May 01, 2008

More Spurious Rulings From the Nation's Favorite Court

It has been a time since the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made one of their bone headed, non-constitutional rulings asserting their own social agenda rather than interpreting existing law. So here ya go as I read verbatim from the source.

"The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that a roommate-finding Web site cannot require users to disclose their sexual orientation., which offers more than 100,000 rental listings on its site, receives over 50,000 visits per day.

In its 8-3 ruling, the court said that inquiring electronically about sexual orientation is no different than asking people in person or by telephone if they are black or Jewish before conducting business."

Okay whenever the 9th Circuit issues an edict you have suspend rational thought, and you have to poke yourself in the eye with a pencil three times to prepare yourself for their ingenious sculpting of imaginary legislation.

My first point is that this private company has a business to line up perspective roommates and I trust compatibility and comfort is big reason someone would utilize such a website in the first place. I doubt that anyone wishes to obtain the most intimate of living situations only to find out that you are grossly incompatible.

My second point is that there is no similarity between someone who defies natural selection, natural biology and natural law, with someone who is black or Jewish. If I were black or Jewish I would highly offended. Furthermore, shouldn't a black person know if they are signing a contract to live with the Grand-dragon of the KKK?

"Attorney Timothy Alger, speaking in defense of the Web site, said that 'This decision represents a significant departure from what has been settled law across the country. We believe the government has no business regulating the selection of roommates or advertising for roommates.'" Not in a sane world but then we are talking about the 9th circuit Court right?

The next decision by this panel of over-educated social engineers will probably be telling the myriad of match-making web services they can no longer ask the sex of the inquirer? Sound crazy? You just wait and see!


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