January 09, 2008

California Still Leads The Way In All The Wrong Ways

The normalization of homosexuality is the greatest internal threat to civilization's healthy existence.

This past October, Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Calif.) signed SB 777 into law requiring all curricula — even that of private schools — to treat homosexuality and heterosexuality "equally."

According to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, "Under this mandate, teaching students about the benefits of traditional families will be considered discrimination."

You can't possibly remember back to the scores of articles I wrote for my award winning columns in the Central Maine newspapers on the subject but I wrote over and over again, that the goal of the homosexual juggernaut was not mere tolerance but wholesale endorsement and advocacy.

Quoting Perkins, "Schools will no longer be asked to tolerate, but to advocate a lifestyle with devastating consequences to public health and conscience."

This will infect every area of educational pursuit including historical studies of "famous gays" which is problematic even from a factual stand point. Homosexuality in days past was anathema. People didn't show case their perversion and so today, there are many "stories" and "rumors" of "famous people that have been made factual history by pro-homosexual forces about men and women who were supposedly homosexual. But the evidence is either scant or fabricated.

Of course this law will demand certain perverse teachings about sexuality and sexual practices as well as lifestyle issues of health and well being.

A group of parents is trying desperately to force this law to a referendum but they will need over 400,000 signatures to do so and even then the outcome is unpredictable.

And I hope you listening do not just shrug and say, "Well that's California; what do you expect?" The trend is that what happens in California generally sweeps the country moving to the East coast within seven years. My experience tells me that is an old axiom and that it doesn't take nearly that long anymore. And with a state like Massachusetts to our south and our own liberal leadership of this state, I suspect it would be less than half that before we see something similar here.

Bury your head in the sands of sin if you wish, but we are all that stands between wholesale corruption and some semblance of peaceful existence.


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