January 09, 2008

How Perverse Can We Get?

How perverse can we get? Well, each year that ticks off, the old standard of "normal" is downgraded so it is hard to say but one thing is certain; we will continue to experience social degradation until the Lord returns. Our only consolation is that godly leaders in places of influence can reduce that rate of decline and along the way--hopefully and prayerfully--influence some along the way to see what is good and right.

So we start the new year with Elizabeth Santiago of Massachusetts' Northern Essex Community College filing a discrimination complaint against the school for not allowing her to use the men's locker room. Elizabeth calls herself "Ethan" and claims she is uncomfortable using the women's locker room.

The school has resisted fearing that a sexual assault might occur if she were to use the men's facilities. I am trusting that is only the school's public reason given for refusal and that the fact that she IS a female in spite of what her deranged self image portrays, is the real reason for refusal.

Several months ago I noted that when we begin looking at serious presidential candidates there are two issues that should trump all others. Our greatest national threat externally is Islamic terrorism which means we need a president who is truly resolute and hawkish on terrorism. Our greatest national threat internally is homosexuality which means we need a president who will not fear public rancor and excoriation for upholding the common sense decency of mankind where men and women remain distinct entities defined, not by their sense of perception, but by biological reality.

There is no such thing as gender confusion; only gender perversion and that perversion is a direct consequence for rejecting the God of the Bible. That, by the way, is not an assertion but the clear teaching of Scripture. I refer you to Romans chapter 1:18 and forward.

So when you get overwhelmed by the myriad of issues (important issues to be sure) tossed about in these days of candidating, remember the two defining issues of our civilization; terrorism and homosexuality. If everything else is in place but those two salient issues are not; you're just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Remember you heard it here first.


Blogger Matt Sargent said...

I agree.

Sort of...

I believe we have more to fear from internal degradation and corruption than from external military threats (think Rome and what the major factors were for it's downfall.) Huckabee may be softer than others in the foreign policy department, but he certainly trumps all when it comes to personal integrity and faith and his willingness to put his money where his mouth is.

When all is said and done, we may find that we were in fact just 'polishing the brass on the Titanic' but hopefully some of the lost will notice and be enticed to faith by what they see as we endeavor to be salt and light in a world that is doomed.

(PS: Ethan says he likes your blog, too!)

8:16 PM  
Blogger PB said...

Ethan has always been a young man of discernment!

1:36 PM  

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