February 16, 2007

Somteimes We Prepare For the Least of Things...

Well as I write, we are being snowed on. I almost forgot what it looked like and that's a good thing. So this morning I pull out my trusty snow blower--my aged snow blower and with only the beginning of the storm underway, I made two passes on my driveway and the transmission froze up.

I look forward to the removal by hand this evening. I should have been better prepared I guess but I just had it serviced last season and it didn't get much use then either. Let's face it; stuff like that happens especially when the timing of it seems especially inopportune.

So the storm is here and I have no intention of running out to the store to stock up on milk and bread among other things.

This always baffles me. Honestly, I think the typical family has enough food in the house to get by for several weeks. Why do so many run out to stock up? When was the last time they were so snow bound, that they were about ready to suffer any privation much less starvation?

So how come we don't prepare like that for the return of the Lord? We know its coming; we know we should prepare; and yet, our lives, for the most part seem to go on pretty much unchanged from the way we were when we first believed. What is up with that?

We take a silly little winter weather alert and panic. Even though winter weather comes every year, without any major hassles yet we still prepare even it only means putting gas in the snow blower and checking the pressure in the tires.

But when it comes to the Day of the Lord, we would rather watch "Left Behind" and talk about a fictional movie then read God's Word and take action like we believe what we supposedly know.

I'll be honest, a winter storm seems immanent; the Lord's return, well not so much. We believe it at a certain level but I don't think we really believe it could be in our life times. I think I do at times, but then probably not really.

Well, the snow is still falling and promises to late into the night. But when I went home for lunch I started my snow blower again: Nothing doing. So I prayed and said "Lord, I need your help here." Not one of the most eloquent prayers to be sure but guess what? I cleared my drive with it--saying, "Thank you Lord." all the way.


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