January 19, 2007

Multiples In The Womb--National Geographic Special is Marvelous!

On January 14th the National Geographic Society broadcast a program called “In the Womb—Multiples.” The show is cast as a “two-hour world premiere special, [that] utilizes groundbreaking technology to take viewers into the extraordinary world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. The special follows the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth and travels inside the womb to see the tiny fetuses begin to interact with each other.”

As I was watching I was spellbound by the utter marvel of being right in the womb from the earliest days after conception until birth. I don’t know what technology they used but the footage was absolutely breath taking and though it was certainly not the intention of this ardent, pro-evolution organization to give a living, visual apologetic for the true miracle of life, it was absolutely compelling. You see little embryonic humans interacting with each other, crowding each other, poking each other, and preparing for their entry into the world. Even though they are referred to as fetuses, the images belie any notion of unfeeling, unintelligent ectoplasm even at the early stages.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, this feature length video is worth 10 million. This one broadcast is probably more effective for curtailing abortions than a hundred picket lines at abortion clinics.

The old saw about the fetus being a lump of tissue is dispelled so compellingly that even the producers seemed to have an awed response to the miracle of life inside the womb.

What I wonder is what cognitive dissonance must any pro-abortion devotee experience with such a remarkable presentation of life long before it ever reaches the light of day?

Do they not make the connection that the human life--so vibrant, so real, so alive they are viewing in awe, could also be dismembered by the blade of an abortionist?

What we must hope for—pray for—is that with the technology of our day, Satan’s schemes to destroy these tiny, image-bearers of God, must surely be curtailed. No sensible human being could behold such wonder and still demand that these cellular inconveniences belong to the woman carrying them and therefore are hers to do with whatever she chooses. May God use such technical innovation for His glory, once and for all.


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