January 18, 2007

Unless Pornography is Outlawed, Our Children Will Continue To Dissappear

In what has become a thoroughly bizarre case of kidnapping, there are more questions than answers but there are answers.

When Ben Ownby never arrived at home after leaving his school bus we were all going through every parent’s worst fears. Odds were, that Ownby would be found--dead.

Imagine everyone’s utter shock when not only Ownby was found but Shawn Hornbeck who had been missing for four years. Hornbeck and Ownby were found in the home of 41 year old Michael Devlin.

There really haven’t been any details forthcoming on the “how’s” the “why’s” and the “wherefores.” About all we know thus far is that Devlin has now been charged regarding child pornography as well.

Everyone who knew Devlin is shocked because he was so “normal” and therein lies a cultural change; a judgment against our collective wickedness of immoral sensibilities.

You see pedophiles no longer necessarily look sinister and act weird. In days gone by it used to be just the psychopaths who committed these horrible crimes. Today, it is the principal of your local school; a deacon at your church, or the very people you put into office who are supposed to pass laws to constrain evil, not energize it.

And a community is shocked when John Q. Public seeks to douse the fires of lust as the law of diminishing returns of pornographic stimulation transforms your “normal” neighbor into a neighborly predator.

While not everyone who gets into pornography becomes a kidnapper or pedophile, to my knowledge, EVERY single kidnapper, pedophile, sicko ever caught in the past 20 years has been heavily into pornography! Until and unless pornography is outlawed, your neighborhood’s girls and boys may be your neighbor’s next conquest.

Free Speech is not an inalienable right; it is the privilege of a responsible and moral citizenry. Any legislator, who insists pornography is difficult to define demanding we have to err on the side of free speech, only facilitates the slaying of our children on the altars of lust. Such a person forfeits the right of office.


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