December 29, 2006

A New Year With More Of the Same Old Stuff

A Commack New York bus driver was ordered to remove his Santa Hat when supposedly child complained to his parent. Kenneth Mott has been wearing his Santa hat since he started driving for the bus company five years ago. Now all of a sudden it’s a problem.

Mott just finished his route when supervisors called him in and told him that a parent complained stating that the child doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and was bothered by the hat. They demanded he remove the hat. At first Mott thought it was a joke. It wasn’t and Mott resolved to keep his hat on the top of his head.

Mott said he doesn’t pretend to be Santa Claus while he’s driving the bus and doesn’t play music or decorate. “This is America. I’m not hurting anybody.”

For some reason, which is not clear from the report, the bus company changed their minds.

The whole incident was attributed to a “misunderstanding, which is code for, “We knew we were on thin legal ice and wanted to get back to safe ground.”

When the report first came out and it was not settled yet, one commentator said that it is the right of every American now to be offended if something bothers us. He misstates the problem. It is only every American’s right to be offended if something bothers him unless that which bothers him is perverse.

Can you imagine a bus company telling a transgendered man that he cannot dress like a woman because it bothers the children on the bus? Not only would you never see that, but the lawsuits would be fast and furious if a company dared to try such a thing.

But let a perfectly innocent, upstanding citizen with a big white beard put on a red and white hat, and watch the firestorm because it bothers someone.

On this first day of the New Year—people of faith—I hope and pray that you are ready for more perversion, more absurdity, more injustice, and more discrimination against people of faith than ever before. It is the time in which we are living and we will either honor the One we serve by unswerving faithfulness or we will accommodate our culture lest we appear narrow and hateful. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the way it is. And Happy New Year by the way.


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