January 09, 2007

More Than Half of Wives Would Not Remarry Thier Husbands

So I’m watching Fox News the other night and one of the big stories with John Gibson is that 56% of wives said they would NOT remarry their husbands. Gibson asked two “Relationship Experts” on screen with him, if this surprised them. It didn’t but my thought was, “I would have thought the figure would be even higher!”

What was interesting was that one of the “experts” said that often times a problem begins when someone makes a pretty innocent remark or comment but suddenly there is a bit of flirtation going on and then there’s a surprising realization that the flirtation feels good; feelings that the person thought were long dead are revived and—let’s be honest--feelings can be compelling.

The innocent flirtation turns into a “friendship” and before you know it, a line has been crossed; a line that feels good to cross initially, but far more often than not, leads to a repeat of pain and heartbreak.

Statistically, while 50% of first marriages end in divorce, more than two thirds of re-marriages end in divorce. Ahh, so much for the greener grass.

Well, I’ve been married thirty three years now and frankly, I can’t imagine being with another woman. My wife is so much a part of who I am, and she me, that the Lord’s utterance way back in Genesis--that the “two shall become one flesh”--is more than a metaphor.

But I would have to again be honest and say that it has taken a life-time of working to that end; a lifetime of being creative in our relationship; a lifetime of overlooking and a lifetime of just plain hard work and not allowing the children to become the center of our universe. They weren’t around when we fell in love and they aren’t around now as we face the “rest of our lives.”

But like I said, we are so much a part of each other that it just wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Now there is one little secret to our success; actually it’s one big secret. The Lord is truly Lord of our lives; He’s not just an add-on when it’s convenient but He is truly Lord and His wisdom for our lives is more than a suggestion. Yes, a good marriage takes work but it’s not rocket science when you’re committed to the Savior your souls!


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