January 18, 2007

Young Girls Pommel Classmate

The folks at North Babylon High School on Long Island have another extra-curricular activity for students. It combines the arts of pugilism, cinematography and journalism.

It seems that a 13 year old girl made a disparaging comment on line about another classmate’s boy friend. So in this day of anarchy and free speech, three girls decided it would be cool to beat the snot out of the 13 year old, film the beating, and then post it on YouTube and MY SPACE.com.

The video shows the three girls mercilessly kicking, gouging, hitting, and punching, the 13 year old while she lays helplessly on the ground.

The video that was posted for the viewing pleasure of her classmates and anyone else in the world who visits either website, is now being used as evidence. The age of these charming young ladies? Two are 14 and one is 13. My how things have changed.

But we are such an advanced society now. Now that we are all technologically savvy and modern, we don’t need any archaic notions of a belief in God. Can you say “Babel” anyone? The syndrome is pretty much the same. Their technological prowess birthed a pride that gave them the confidence to tell God to take a hike. How are we any different?

What was interesting was Dr. Joseph Laria commenting about the story on Fox News said we have a “crisis of values” in our nation. But what is tell tale is that he expounds on what needs to be done to correct this crisis of values mentioning all kinds of social institutions, organizations, yet without a single mention of the church an that is a problem of monumental proportions.

You see without the Values Giver, there can be only social constructs which may or may not be good for society. But even where the irreligious pragmatist may stumble onto good values, there is absolutely nothing compelling the spirit of man to value those values much less to adopt them as his own.

In other words, by cutting out the church as the solution to society’s woes, you necessarily cut out the solution. This is no surprise of course; this has been coming for decades. As Nietzsche wrote several decades ago, God is dead, and we have done it ourselves. On Long Island, we are seeing only the tip of a massive and brutal iceberg.


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