November 14, 2006

Post Election Autopsy

So what happened in this last election? It’s pretty simple really. But two aspects seemed obvious. First, many conservatives it seems, did the moronic and voted against people they would normally have voted for--to send a message. Now that’s brilliant!

And how do I know that. Because when you look at the type of social issues—typical “conservative” issues of morality and the like--many of them passed by overwhelming margins—70% and higher in some cases and yet the conservative candidate running was defeated. That is telltale.

The other aspect that played itself out pretty clearly was that the party of liberals nominated some their most moderate candidates. Why? Because they are more appealing to the masses than the rabid liberals who—although are in the minority nationwide--are in control of the party. And therein lies the problem.

People elect moderates but are not getting a moderate party. The Pilosi’s, Schumer’s, Rangel’s and Reids, and on and on are the real face of the party of liberals and it is their agenda, not the agenda of the moderates which will hold sway.

All of which means we are in for some nasty weather. But the sun will come out tomorrow! It just may be that the election of 2006 will accomplish something great for the big election in 2008. Namely, this will allow two years for the country to see what the liberal agenda is all about.

So get ready to pay out more in taxes; get ready for another catastrophic attack on our country; get ready for more excuses about why they haven’t accomplished anything positive—I assure you the President will be blamed for vetoing their liberal policies.

If at the end of the day, we are compelled to pray more, then this could be a good thing.
Only time will tell and one thing we know for sure, our nation’s health does not ride on policies enacted by a congress but by our observance to the rules of life issued by the Creator.

Remember it was only one month ago at the height of the Foley scandal, that the Democrats themselves admitted that they were not the party of values. But that will have all been forgotten in just another week. Maranatha Lord Jesus, Maranatha!


Blogger Sanity in Canada said...

I'll pray for you so that you lose your hatred and prejudices against people who are not exactly like yourself.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Pastor Bill said...

Why do some folks always equate disagreement with ideologies or principles with "hatred?"

5:37 PM  

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