October 26, 2006

A Truth Few are Willing To Hear

Once again I want to reiterate with yet another example of how wrong the media are to portray the rise of Islamic Jihadists, as a result of American military action in Iraq.

We don’t hear much out of Ethiopia since Black Hawk Down—the story of 18 soldiers and two helicopters lost in Mogadishu but it’s worth paying attention to now. Muslim Jihadists have been training and in recent days, attacking Christians and churches. 31 Christians have been killed and churches are either burned down or converted to Mosques. 3,000 Christians have been displaced in less than a week of attacks according to a World article, Oct. 21.

But the violence is not simply against Christians but holy war has been declared against the Horn of Africa.

Do you understand the magnitude of what is going on here? We are being told day in and day out that all the world’s woes are a result of American imperialism when in reality many of the world’s woes are a result of faithful Muslims taking their Koran’s seriously and carrying out the teachings of their doctrine. Muslims do not hate Americans. Muslims hate anyone who does not share their faith including other Muslims of different sects.

Former victim of living under Islamic rule, Bridgette Gabrielle, speaking before the Heritage Foundation asked angrily, if it is true that these terrorists are “extremists who have hijacked true Islam, then where are the millions of Muslims protesting the hijacking of their faith by this counterfeit? That’s a paraphrase but the gist is accurate. She makes a big point.

Jesus in Luke chapter 20 speaks about the days of persecution to come. The Diaspora was soon to follow but He was also intimating of the days yet to be fulfilled. Those days, I believe are upon us. Life as we know it is going to change even more drastically than we can picture at the moment; partly because we are naïve and partly because we are blinded by a godless carnality suffering judgment for the same.

Our days are numbered I am convinced and how well we live these numbered days is important. A change of priorities in how we use our time and expend our energies and spend our resources is voluntary for the moment. But a rearrangement of our lives will become mandatory for survival. Doesn’t it make sense to pattern our lives for the future now, when we can make those calls, rather than later when they will be made out of necessity? Few do, and few will.


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