October 24, 2006

Values Voters Stay home? How Dumb Is That?

Unless you have trashed Satan’s one eyed electronic missionary (AKA the television) stay off the internet, are oblivious to the radio and refuse to gaze down at a news stand, you know that there is a battle raging that revolves around control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. There are prognostications of gloom and doom for the so-called, “values voters” with the revelation of the Mark Foley perversion scandal. This is oddly grounded in some peculiar notion that Foley was the last straw for “values voters” and we will be sitting this election out in disgust, frustration or just to “send a message” to the so-called “party of values.”

Now, as sick as I am of politics—and I assure you I am--and all that surrounds it, let’s take a chill pill, set aside our fleshly, irrational emotions, and remain clear headed.

If the local police department of your community was racked with corruption, and incompetence, would you advocate for dissolving the police force and simply allow the “natural forces” of the community to assume the duties of law enforcement?

The sane answer is “NO!” So let’s put out of our minds, any idea that, “We’re just going to sit this next election out.” The answer is indeed to send a message, certainly, but the clearest message to send is the one your vote expresses. If one bad apple spoils the whole bushel, isn’t the answer to remove the bad apple, not throw out the bushel and stop eating apples?

Believe me, I have a desire to just back out of everything and “Let them eat cake!” The main problem with that is I am not willing to pay the price for doing so as I too would be subject to the consequences of Philistine rule.

As much as I despise the hypocrisy, and deceit that has become part and parcel of American politics, God still holds us accountable to stem the tide of godlessness in the community in which we each live. We may not be able to change a thing, but God doesn’t hold us responsible for the outcome, only what we did or failed to do. “If salt loses its saltiness…it becomes good for nothing…”

So, I’ll see you at the polls on Election Day.


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I wish one of my professors would read this. Major dittos from Texas...

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