October 20, 2006

Mara Liasson Slips?

The impromptu interchanges between liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans have proven interesting confirming what many conservatives have said and have known all along. That the Republican party, on the whole, does make a claim to the moral high ground more fairly representing “traditional” (I would say “Biblical”) values than does the party of Democrats.

During past elections, the liberals would snit and fume vociferously refuting the claim, touting themselves as the party of virtue and values.

But being confronted with the profound hypocrisy in the way the party of Democrats has dealt with their own past scandals of a sexual nature, (Studds, Frank, Clinton) and their crying for the head of Republican bystander Dennis Hastert on a platter, some interesting admissions have come forth.

Mara Liasson, national political correspondent for NPR Radio, was asked by Britt Hume how come there seems to be such a difference in the way people have reacted to the Foley scandal demanding firings, resignations, and reprisals when the Democrats have had far worse scandals occur with far less uproar and consequence?

Maybe Ms. Liasson was unprepared but her answer is telling. She admitted that Republicans do seem to fare worse and have greater consequences in these sex scandals and stated that the reason was because the Republican Party is the party of values and morality whereas the party of Democrats is not.

I waited for her to back peddle after realizing what she said, but she never blinked. So there you have it from the mouth of one I consider a spokesman for the liberal cause.
Interestingly, Mara Liasson was not the only I heard say this but the same essential answer was repeated by several big name party officials.

Remember that the next time the issues are debated and once again you hear a godless liberal trying to claim moral equivalence, or superiority, to a Bible believing conservative. When pushed, they concede they are not committed to the same moral framework as the party accused of being in the pocket of fundamentalist Christians.

No party is beyond criticism that is for sure; but when you are looking for the lesser of two evils, the choices become much clearer.


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