September 27, 2006

Muslims Are Offended Again--Go Figure!

Well the people of the Muslim religion are “offended”—again. This time it wasn’t an American but the Pope himself. I have to concede I do not understand how it is that adherents to a religion who not only think nothing of performing the ultimate offense—killing the innocent--but pride themselves on it, get so worked up about a comment or a cartoon. Why do they expect the world to bow to their religion with respect, if not admiration, when they show nothing but contempt for everyone else who does not believe as they do? Truly, it is baffling.

So with this latest round of offense taken by something the Pope said, (just what he said is not easy to find on the world wide web which is also telling) their response has been one of threats to a call for outright war to a prediction that the Pope and the West will be annihilated. Dare I say it? I’m offended!

After the Pope’s remarks, whatever they were, a response came from some representatives of the Muslim world addressing the Pope and Christians as “Worshippers of the cross” said with derisive intent, saying they will “break up the cross, spill the liquor… and demand conversion to Islam or be killed by the sword." Shoot, I’m offended again!

So let’s have a reality check here. Numerous Muslim leaders don’t let a week go by without making extremely offensive remarks or performing extremely offensive behaviors like the blowing the snot out of anyone they can. Where do they get off?

The President of Iran has stated repeatedly and in public that Israel has no right to exist as a nation or as a people and he explained his intention to exterminate them. Talk about offensive. Ayman Al-Zawahri issued a call for Muslims to rise up in holy war against Israel and said [We see] “all the world as a battlefield open in front of us.”

So the Pope makes a statement that just may be, historically accurate and the Muslim world goes nuts with the full support of the godless, Western media. Yet the Muslim world can’t seem to offend Christians, Jews and Hindus deeply enough to matter.

There IS a holy war taking place in our world. It began centuries ago but is coming to the fore. The lines are being drawn between good and evil. More than ever before, the time has come for people everywhere to decide what they truly believe.


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