September 27, 2006

HIV Testing For Everyone

The CDC just recommended that physicians start routinely testing all patients for HIV. Supposedly 250,000 Americans are infected and don’t know it. Sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Only if you forget that, for the most part, HIV is a behaviorally spread disease. In other words, if you do not engage in high risk behaviors, you need not worry about contracting HIV. What are those high risk behaviors? Illegal use of drugs administered with “dirty” needles, homosexual sex, and heterosexual sex with more than one lifetime partner.
In other words, if you are following the counsel of God’s word for life and are not fornicating, are not perverted and are not using illegal drugs, there’s no reason for you to be tested.
I am not at all opposed to testing people at risk including myself—as I used to work in a blood bank. But making a sweeping recommendation based on sinful even if, accepted, if not encouraged behavior, is patently offensive I deeply resent the imposition upon me because of other’s reprehensible behavior.
Adding insult to injury, Inland Hospital just sent out a flier recommending all girls between the ages of 9 and 26 should receive a vaccination for another sexually transmitted disease--the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.
Here is a verbatim quote from the flier. “Considering that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in high school and condoms do not fully protect against HPV, this new vaccine is something…to consider.”
As a former Medical Technologist I sounded the alarm about these very issues fifteen years ago in my column called “Looking Up” and how the public school’s condom-based, sex education was actually increasing our children’s risk. Didn’t I reap the scorn of the genitally obsessed leaders in our community! Now the harvest for sowing such sinful and medically unsound seeds, is coming to light.
The truth is, if you follow God’s path for sexual activity, and your husband/wife has also, you will never have to worry about any sexually transmitted disease.

Oh, but wait a minute, that sort of thinking has been quarantined in our culture and we encourage sexual behaviors as nothing more than recreation. And frankly, the conduct in our churches is no different. Come to think of it, maybe testing everyone isn’t such a bad idea.

What a commentary on the state of Christianity in this country. And the few who follow God, pay for all the rest as well. What a rotten harvest.


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