August 11, 2006

Airport Delays Are Largely Unnecessary

Well, another terrorist plan to blow up planes and kill people has been averted thanks to the diligent efforts of a relative few who actually take terrorism seriously. I am so thankful we do not have elected leaders who wish to just smile, shake hands, and kiss the terrorists on the cheek making them promise to be better world citizens. I fear that day is not far a head.

But if you think security and air travel has been unreliable and a major hassle, imagine what it will be like with new restrictions in place banning liquids, gels, creams and even lip stick and tooth paste.

In Britain, no carry-on luggage of any kind are allowed and since the explosives were going to be detonated by way of an electronic item, I expect to see all electronics prohibited on board. No cell phones, PDA’s, computers, mp3 players NOTHING! Don’t you relish the thought of an hours long trip staring at the seat in front of you?

Ah, but this is the reality of a post 9-11 world you say. Well, I disagree vehemently. This is the price of mindless sensitivity foisted upon us by liberal politicians and lawyers.

What do I mean? Simple: Picture a gang that has been on a violent rampage in every city of the nation. They are readily identified by their trademark red butterfly tattoo prominently displayed on the left cheek. In fact to try and cover the tattoo is to dishonor the gang.

Every gang member ever captured is an alabaster, white male, aged 16-40 sporting the tattoo. In a massive attempt to provide safety to the nation, officials bring life to a near standstill, interrogating, searching, and surveilling every man, every woman, and every child, of every ethnic persuasion and skin tone imaginable; not because they don’t know what the gang members look like, but because by stopping, and questioning a white male with a mark on his cheek fitting the “profile” of a gang member, they might offend one who really isn’t.

What we are experiencing today at the nation’s airports is unnecessary. The disruption of our way of life in air transport is exaggerated well beyond what rational and wise security calls for.

I see this too as a judgment on a people who have thumbed their nose at God thinking they can do so with impunity. “That which we sow, so shall we reap.” It’s a harvest that I would just as soon leave in the field. But the harvest has only just begun.


Blogger Benjamin Bush Jr. said...

If you are serious in your last paragraph, and I believe you are, then you must also consider the host of other bad laws recently put on the books and currently being contemplated as God's judgment. If that's true, my question to you would be, who fights God to turn his judgment back? Who resists or opposes these ordained officials implementing God will, giving them what they clamor for?

1:23 PM  
Blogger PB said...

Your question is complex but briefly I would say, first--it depends on the system of government into which one is living. In the U.S. that means the involvement of conscientious people to exercise their political prerogatives to change who the rule makers are.

However, at the end of the day, "The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike."

10:53 AM  

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