July 06, 2006

"Bridges For Peace?" Misdirected at Best...

I was enjoying the fourth of July parade in the town of Winslow which is always the best parade of the year by far! The weather cooperated and it was just a grand time celebrating our nation’s fight for freedom; a freedom which has come at a phenomenally costly price. It was this thought that I was thinking on when the “Bridges For Peace” float came by.

The Bridges For Peace is the group that periodically stands on the bridge on Kennedy Memorial Drive protesting the war in Iraq. Well intentioned I am sure but woefully naïve and patently offensive for they oppose the very institutions from which they derive their “peace.”

Apparently the notion of sacrifice and fighting for freedom are concepts that are no longer in the realm of consciousness of these so-called peace loving people who live in la-la land instead of the real world. Somewhere along the line they have determined that peace is just the natural course of man’s destiny and if it weren’t for the power hungry capitalists who currently run the country, the world would be a paradise.

What irks me about this ideology is that I believe it is an extension of the entitlement mentality that has become the god of liberals in our country. Let me explain.

Liberals tend to believe that material equality is a divine right and should just be granted by fiat to everyone irrespective of their willingness to put forth hard work, uncompromising integrity and responsibility. Their mindset is that fairness and equity demands that you take from the hard working and “well-off” (who are well-off because of that hard work) and give some of their material possessions to those who have the ability to do likewise, but who choose not to.

This of course is blatant rubbish, which Jesus made clear in Luke 19. When Jesus took the one mina from the sluggard and gave it to the industrious one who had earned ten, the people protested! (You see liberals go WAY back…) Yet Jesus’ corrects their warped sense of fairness saying, "I tell you, that to everyone who has, shall more be given, but from the one who does not have [implied--because of sloth] even what he does have shall be taken away.”

So, as I see it, the BFP folks want all the benefits of freedom without the sacrifice or the work. Like I said, that’s not fair, and that’s just not reality; not in our world, and not in the world of the Savior; now or to come.


Blogger cjwill said...

Pastor Bill,

While I agree in principal with your larger view of the BFP group, I do disagree with your statement in regards to freedom.

One of the reasons this group and others like it gained momentum in the first place were from actions by the current administration in Iraq, GITMO, abuse of personal freedoms, and the list goes on and on.

I am a conservative and usually vote and support those who represent that way of thinking. Having said that, I find it hard to believe that we are fighting for "freedom" in Iraq. We were lied to from the beginning in this conflict and the story has changed at least 3 times. Young American men and woman are sent to bleed and die for a senseless war, not fight for freedom. I, like the BFP folks and many other Americans support out troops, not the reason for the conflict.

Yes Saddam was a bad man, but so are a dozen leaders in Africa, many engaged in genocide on historical levels, yet we don't even seem to notice.

So, protesting a conflict that has noting to do with fighting for freedom, but rather some yet to be realized meaning, is not liberal, conservative, or independent. It is rather, patriotic and the duty and right of every citizen to question their government when appropriate. To blindly follow one ideology without question is worse than so called “liberals” who would protest an administration that has at every turn, ignored the will of the people, lied, and used nothing more than a constant state of fear to manipulate policy and freedoms for their purposes.


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