May 10, 2008

Not Involved, Don't Complain!

I received word that one of our musicians was going to be late for our Wednesday evening rehearsal for Sunday's service because she needed to attend her son's elementary school to preview a movie they were intending to show to the students of the school. The movie is titled, "Personal Body Safety." Given our day of lack of restraint, lack of common sense, and lack of common decency, I agreed this parent NEEDED to preview this film.

She showed up to worship practice a little late as she mentioned and I asked her how the film was. She replied that it was actually "O.K." And then she added, "There were 9 parents there including the people who were doing the projection. She paused and said, they mentioned how they were thrilled with the good turnout!"

I asked her how many were in her son's class. She said, "This was for the whole elementary school."

It actually was worse than it looked because there was a PTO meeting after the preview of this movie which means some of the people there would have been there anyway. Apparently, the last time something like this was done there were only 2 parents concerned enough to be there.

Let's get a grip here parents. We snit and fume and go on our tirades when we find out--after the fact--that the school our children attend has shown something or assigned something that incenses our sensibilities and yet our presence in the schools has been virtually non-existent for several decades now. So how on earth can someone complain about the nature of public education? And yet we do…

My children all graduated from Waterville High School. The school had its issues believe me but I or their mother or both were known--well known--by the administration and teachers of the school. And I trust they were thrilled when our children had graduated which meant no more Cripes!

A year or two after our youngest graduated, time and again someone would ask me if I was going to get involved with thus and such that was going on in the school system. Right or wrong, I said, "Nope. It's someone else's turn to take up the cause for their own children." My statement, I could tell, was not pleasing to the ones asking; and therein lies the problem; parents who are willing to abdicate their God-given responsibility for their children to someone else. And in my experience, Christians are no different.


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